Albert Celebrates 15 Years at Labtec
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Albert Celebrates 15 Years at Labtec

Last week, the past and present Labtec team came together to honour a great achievement - the 15-year work anniversary of our esteemed colleague, Albert Mok.

Since joining Labtec in 2008, Albert has played an integral role in our success story, remaining steadfast throughout its continued growth and transitions, including our merger with the Envirolab family in 2017.

In his current position as the head of Product Development, Albert brings not only the expertise and skills necessary to tackle complex chemistry problems, but he also has a profound understanding of formulations and an unwavering determination to drive projects to success.

Sometimes we don’t notice how much we evolve from year to year. During his 15-year journey with Labtec, Albert experienced firsthand an array of transformative changes that have compelled him to reevaluate his approach to his work. When asked about some of the most significant changes, Albert highlighted the advancements in technology and streamlined processes.

“Some of the greatest changes would have to be acquiring the LC-MS for trace analysis.”   

Picture: Albert (far right) training the next generation of analysts at Labtec
A true inspiration, Albert (pictured far right) training the next generation of analysts.

“We migrated our computer data from local systems to an online, cloud based platform. There have been noticeable industry changes, such as more stringent requirements for test methods to detect and identify impurities and degradation products in veterinary medicines. I’m proud to have mentored a strong team and have ensured that all lab staff are adequately trained to conduct method validation, which is not common in the industry.”

Albert also reminisced about his proudest achievements. One notable accomplishment was his instrumental role in establishing the product development section of Labtec which has led to many interesting projects. He also explained his involvement in the setup of the ISO 17025 quality system, which led to Labtec obtaining IANZ accreditation in 2016. As part of this process, Albert facilitated the migration of documented test procedures from individual notebooks to officially controlled test methods, fostering greater efficiency and standardisation. As the technical lead in test method development and improvement, Albert has certainly left an indelible mark on our laboratory's operations.

In celebrating this significant milestone, Laboratory Manager, Nardene Reynolds explained, “Albert has been a pleasure to work with and get to know.”

“He’s a creative person that always has his fingers in an interesting project. It’s always exciting to hear what he’s jumping into next. I know the whole team really values his input.”

Labtec is proud to celebrate Albert’s 15-year work anniversary, recognising his unwavering commitment, expertise, and significant contributions to our organisation. Through his dedication and adaptability, Albert has played an essential role in our growth and success. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate his continued impact and contributions within the Labtec family.

Past and present Labtec team members celebrating the 15-year work anniversary of Albert.

Above, past and present Labtec team came together to celebrate 15-year work anniversary.

Pictured from left: Albert with Ray Simms, who founded Labtec in 2004.
Albert with Ray Simms, who founded Labtec in 2004.

Pictured from left: Albert with Nardene Reynolds, Laboratory Manager at Labtec
Albert receiving his certificate of appreciation. Pictured with Labtec Laboratory Manager, Nardene Reynolds. 

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