Regulatory Assistance at Labtec

Regulatory Assistance

Our staff have in-depth knowledge of the Australian and New Zealand regulatory requirements for new agricultural chemical or veterinary product approvals. This ensures that your new product reaches market in the shortest possible time without regular requests for additional information or clarification from the APVMA or ACVM.

LABTEC can provide all the necessary data required for the Chemistry and Manufacturing sections of your submission. This includes:

  • Full formulation breakdown information
  • Manufacturing method and process flow diagrams
  • Product release specifications and end of shelf-life specifications
  • Product stability testing to confirm an appropriate product shelf-life
  • Analytical test methods (as necessary) and validation reports to the prescribed criteria for your formulation
  • Legally compliant product safety data sheets

Our laboratory is equipped modern analytical instrumentation to enable the development of robust test methods to ensure the on-going quality of your product. We are also able to conduct most of the stipulated CIPAC test methods demanded by the regulatory authorities.

Our chemists will liaise with your own regulatory staff or selected consultants to ensure the required data is ready on time.