Salt Candle kits (ISO 9225)

Salt Candle kits (ISO 9225)

Salt candle sampling kits for chloride analysis following ISO 9225

Kit contents

Each individual test kit contains: 

  •   1 x inert wick with cotton gauze wrapping
  •   Container for the sample solution
  •   Glycerol sample solution
  •   Plastic bag for wick and container

Note: minimum order quantity of 4 kits.


The salt candle (or wet candle) sampling technique is used to assess the supply of chlorides as an aerosol in the atmosphere. Chloride deposition rates can provide an indication of service life for building materials, particularly in coastal areas. Higher levels of chloride deposition correlate to a more corrosive environment for building materials, such as concrete and metals.

The kit should be set up under shelter, where it is protected from rain or water splashes, with a typical exposure time frame of 1 month for sample collection.

Once sampling is completed the kits should be returned to the laboratory for analysis. Chloride content in milligrams will be reported in 5 working days following sample receipt.

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Submitting your samples

Every order includes a sample submission form which will need to be completed and included with samples. Seal the wick in resealable plastic bag for transport, this is part of the sample and needs to be protected.

Clearly label each sample container with a location, or other identification, that matches the sample submission form. This information will be included on the report.

Samples can be dropped off or couriered to:

657, Unit i, Great South Road,


Auckland 1061